5 Countries With The Most Weird Facts In The World

Edited by Mayeka on Apr 03, 2018

Living abroad may be the dream of all people, but not all of them can guarantee a normal life. Why? Because there are some countries that have a strange fact and must be followed. Try it you imagine, what there is confidence that sleeping with a fan in an enclosed space can kill a human? Strange, people in Jakarta are still safe. And what if your personality can be changed only with a shower wearing a certain type of blood type? Hopefully you are not interested.

Here are 5 Countries With The Most Weird Facts In The World:

1. Do not Sleep With Fan in South Korea!

Are you among those who live in areas where the weather is always hot? Definitely you are already used to sleeping with a fan or air conditioning. But, you're going to get angry when to do it in South Korea.

Yes, people in South Korea believe the curse fan. When you sleep in a closed room with a fan, they believe that your life will not last long. Although many countries have strange beliefs of each, it seems the fact the fan in South Korea's so the fact that the most ridiculous. What do you think?

2. Never Nodding Head in Bulgaria!

If there are friends who invite to hang out and you agree, you must have nodded his head in answer yes. But how about if you nod, it makes all the fun plans for the weekend instead mess? Wants to imagine just been lazy yes.

But something like that could happen when you nod your head in Bulgaria. Yes, in this one country, nodding means you say no or refuse. So for you who are familiar nod, do not even try nodding there. One-one, you actually end up with problems.

3. Personality You Can Be Changed With Ease

Many ways of people to assess their individual personalities. Some believe the horoscope, there are also still believe in divination cards. Only in Japan, you can change your personality with ease. Simply buy a particular blood type and your shower. Congratulations, you have become a person who can pull 10 women around you.

Amazingly, you just go to a bookstore and find your favorite artist's blood type. See her blood type, and then immediately buy blood type according to the artist. After the bath, people in Japan will judge you as being a superstar.

4. Always Press horn and Gas Pedal When You in India

Are you among those who hate the sound of the horn? If so, India is the first country that you should avoid if only for a vacation for 2 days. Why? Because in India, the horn and the accelerator pedal are equally important.

Mostly, people in India often turn suddenly or blocking the road. This is the perfect moment for you to honk at full speed. If you know something like the above, it seems you do not need the name of the rearview mirror in this country. Quite the accelerator, brake, and horn, all the people can understand what you're thinking.

5. Want to Watch TV is? Prepare Money More Each Year

Currently, all the people around the world watch TV certainly with color screen. But, it does not apply in the UK. If you want to watch with a color TV, you have to spend larger.

Yes, since 2010, the UK implementing new policies for each of its citizens. If you want to have and watch color TV, every citizen must pay a tax of 3 million annually. Seeing this, it feels quite strange to us live in countries like this. So, be thankful we can still stay in Indonesia with all its policies are still relatively mild.